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09 Feb 2012
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The Prizes
£200 Selfridges Gift Card £200 Selfridges Gift Card Won by Jessica for £60.00
Makita 8391dwpe 18v Makita 8391dwpe 18v Won by azzer321 for £39.87
50cc Viper Scooter 50cc Viper Scooter Won by Jessica for £800.00
Karcher K3550 Karcher K3550 Won by Dave for £100.00

Razitup is a UK based auction site, with three exciting and different ways to buy. On average we save our customers 43% of standard retail price. Razitup sells brand new, up to date products with a 3 week customer returns policy and  FREE delivery within 14 days. 

The three auctions are, Half price auction, Highest bid auction and Price drop auction.

Half price auction sells a wide range of different item that change each day. The catch is there is only 1 of these item available at any one time. Items sell at a massive half price, even at peak times of the year. The very last person to make a confirmed bid will win! Your time is recorded and visible to other bidders.

Highest bid auction sell just the same items, but this time each person make us a offer, the highest offer made will win. Once the timer ends the highest bidder pays their desired price.

A great feature of our website is our timers never restart and nor do they ever add any time on. If all the available bids are not made the item is still won.

Price drop auction is slightly different, each item is set a starting price which will be at the average RRP or less. Use a bid to enter the auction and a buy it now price becomes available for 10 seconds. If it's not purchased at that price the next bidder will have a slightly better offer, each time the next bidder saves more until the item is sold.


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